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High Energy Physics


Group Members

Ben Allanach, Hannah Banks, Bernat Capdevila-Soler, Ben Gripaios, Nico Gubernari, Elie Hammou, Zahari Kassabov, Chris Lester, Eetu Loisa, Alexander Mitov, James Moore, Manuel Morales Alvarado, Anna Mullin, Andy Parker, Maria Ubiali, Bryan Webber, Sarah Williams, Tevong You

The Cambridge Pheno Working Group is a collaboration between experimentalists in the Cavendish HEP ATLAS group and theorists from the Cavendish Theory Group and the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP). Our aim is to investigate the observability of supersymmetry and other exotic physics signals with the ATLAS detector.

Research topics

  • Measurement of exotic heavy leptons predicted by some intermediate-scale models
  • Detection of sleptons in superstring inspired models of SUSY breaking
  • Signatures for decay of black holes, predicted by some theories with extra spatial dimensions
  • Detection of neutralino decays in R-parity violation models
  • The observability of charginos in models with anomaly-mediated SUSY breaking
  • Detection of neutralino decays in R-parity violation models
  • Signatures for large and small extra dimensions
  • Studies to establish the experimental reach in terms of fine tuning: can models with small fine-tuning evade detection?
  • Measuring the spin of SUSY particles
  • Models and searches for new physics with displaced vertices at colliders
  • Precision computation of the MSSM and NMSSM spectrum and decays
  • New physics intepretations of collider anomalies


    Publications from our group members can be found on inSPIRE