Part III Particle Physics

Major Option

Dr Lester

Michaelmas 2022

Part III Particle Physics Lecture Handouts

One slide per page: pdf
Two slides per page: pdf

Supplement on particle exchange and the existence of propagators: pdf

Supplement on electroweak unification: pdf

Supplement on SU(2) vs SU(3) comparison, and general SU(3) multiplet: pdf
(see also the Particle Data Group's summary of SU(n) multiplet properties)

Examples sheet

Clarifications to printed version of 2022 handout:

Demonstrating/Supervision arrangements

Choose a supervision slot via the doodle poll here. It has been suggested that the first supervision is likely to be in `the last week of October', but you should contact the relevant person indicated by the instructions at the top of the doodle poll to be sure that your supervisor doesn't have a different plan.

Past tripos papers (including worked solutions)

See this separate page.


There is one book with a notable connection to this course: "Modern Particle Physics" by Prof Mark Thomson of The Cavendish. I draw your attention to this book as Prof Thomson lectured this very course in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 (before I took over in 2012). He revised the course substantially over that time, and the course you see now is substantially the same as it was when he left it. His book was his attempt to turn the course into a publication, and as such, there ought not to be a book more closely related to this course than it.