2012 Events



Selected highlights

Prof. Peter Higgs looking at the PHYWE cloud chamber

The PHYWE cloud chamber

A diffusion cloud chamber on loan from PHYWE was installed in the Cavendish museum during the week of June 18th. The loan coincided with a visit to the department by Prof. Peter Higgs the week before the anouncement of the disscovery of a particle consistent with the Higgs Boson. Prof. Higgs is seen here at left looking at the cloud chamber.

Students from St Bedes School and the HEP cloud chamber

Visits by St Bedes and Kesgrave Schools

Students from St Bedes School during a workshop to build a diffusion cloud chamber on June 28th.

Students from Kesgrave School also visited the HEP group on July 18th for a CROCS workshop and other CROCS workshops were held at Ernulf Academy and Netherhall School earlier in the year.

Pupils at Mayfield School with the HEP cloud chamber

Mayfield School Science Week

On May 4th we visited Mayfield School with the HEP cloud chamber and spark chamber during their Science Week.