HEP Group Outreach 2006

On this page, you will find information on the various outreach projects in which members of the HEP Group were involved during 2006.

Sancton Wood Cosmix poster

Cosmix 2006

A collaborative project between the HEP group and Sancton Wood school to build a device to detect the high energy particles that bombard the Earth.

Participants: Chris Ashford (Part III undergraduate), Maurice Goodrick (HEP group), Steve Wotton (HEP group), Anthony Bloodworth (Sancton Wood School)

Links: Sancton Wood School

Masterclass - Particle tracks Masterclass - Fields

HEP IOP Masterclass 2006

The HEP group hosts an IOP Particle Physics Masterclass at the Cavendish Laboratory.

During two days the HEP group welcomes around 130 sixth form students from the surrounding schools and colleges.

Many members of the group are on hand, from professors to PhD students, and we try to give a flavour of what particle physics is all about with the enthusiastic participation of our guests.

Links: Masterclasses, Institute of Physics.

Hunt the Higgs

Hunt the Higgs

A fun card game for people of all ages that illustrates some of the ways that the Higgs will be seen at the LHC.

Designed by Dr. Val Gibson with funding from PPARC.

Links: The game, STFC (formerly PPARC).

RICH Animator - Splash

A Ring-Imaging Cherenkov (RICH) Detector Animator

A java program that simulates how a RICH detector works.

Fire particles into the detector and watch how the Cherenkov rings are formed.

To run the program, download and unpack the ZIP file. On windows double-click the rich.jar file to start the program. Or, on Windows or Linux, do "java −jar rich.jar" from a command prompt. The ZIP file also contains a presentation of the way some other particle detectors work and a worksheet aoout a RICH detector.

Links: The program (ZIP).