2008 Events



Selected highlights


LHC start-up
10 September 2008

Follow the start-up of the world's largest machine with Radio 4's all day programme.

Want to find out more? Try CERN's web pages for the public.

Links to group members' appearances in the media: Val Gibson


IOP Physics Update 2008
12-14 December 2008

The HEP Group will be leading one of the workshops during this year's Physics Update for teachers.

We will focus on the significance of the LHC and what we can learn from the LHC experiments.

HEP workshop leader: Steve Wotton

Links: IoP


Physics At Work 2008
16-18 September 2008

This year's Physics At Work event takes place just a few days after the start-up of the LHC at CERN.

Find out why we are so excited about what the LHC can tell us.

Links: Physics At Work


Science Week 2008
16 March 2008

We showcase the Smashing Particles and Cosmix projects in this LHC year at the Cavendish Laboratory with the participation of Netherhall and Sancton Wood schools.

We are also delighted to welcome our friends from Birmingham University who will make elusive cosmic rays spectacularly visible in their fantastic spark chamber.

Participants: Netherhall School, Sancton Wood School, University of Cambridge HEP Group, University of Birmingham Elementary Particles Group.

Links: Birmingham Spark Chamber, Netherhall School, Sancton Wood School, Photos.


Cambridge Physics Centre Public Lecture 2008

Physics At the High Energy Frontier
The Large Hadron Collider

Dr Val Gibson presents an entertaining view of the world of particles and highlights the ways in which the quantum world differs from the familiar classical world of everyday objects.

The photo illustrates the ease with which Dr Gibson is able to move freely between the quantum and classical worlds.

Links: Cambridge Physics Centre.


A Cosmic Ray Spark Chamber for the East of England

Spark chambers are an exciting, visually direct and simple way of demonstrating cosmic rays. The Chamber will be built and operated by a joint venture between the HEP Group and the CHaOS Science Roadshow (Cambrige Hands-On Science Roadshow).

Participants: Chris Lester, Bart Hommels, Maurice Goodrick (HEP), in association with David Ansell (CHaOS).

Links: The spark chamber, CHaOS.


Smashing Particles 2008

Let's celebrate the LHC.

Bringing together two schools from Cambridge and Birmingham, in association with the Universities of Cambridge and Birmingham, this project brings the world of experimental particle physics into the two schools.

Participants: Deirdre Black (Cambridge), Cristina Lazzeroni (Birmingham), Netherhall School (Cambridge), Yardleys Science College (Birmingham).

Links: Netherhall School, Yardleys Science College, Institute of Physics, Royal Society, Exploration Day Photos.