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This year we have started a project to build a large area cosmic ray detector placed in schools in the region.

The Cosmic Ray Observatory for Cambridgeshire Schools (CROCS) will bring particle detectors into the classroom and allow school students to experience the excitement of particle physics at first hand.

We have formed partnerships with Oundle School and Hills Road Sixth Form Centre and are working with them in pilot projects to evaluate the detectors before rolling them out to more schools in our region.

Links: CROCS@Oundle, CROCS home page

Masterclass 2010
Masterclass 2010

HEP IOP Masterclass 2010

During March 2010 the High Energy Physics Group of the University of Cambridge Department of Physics held two 1-day events to highlight some of the latest developments in Particle Physics research.

These events were primarily intended for those students taking modules which include particle physics at 'A' or 'AS' level, but were also open to any physics student or teacher interested in studying or teaching the subject.

This year's event featured talks by Chris Lester, Vicki Moeller and Uli Kerzel and included sessions on measuring particle tracks, detecting cosmic rays, and a theoretical session about the Higgs. Poster displays and playing the Hunt the Higgs game provided a little light relief.

More information about future Masterclasses can be found here.