2009 Events



Selected highlights


Cavendish Teachers' Workshop

From 9am-4pm on December 14th the Cavendish Laboratory hosted its annual workshop for teachers. The theme for this year was "Radioactivity and the Atom"

We presented a particle physicist's view of radioactivity and demonstrated the detection and visualisation of naturally occurring radiation using our cloud and spark chambers.

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IoP Physics Update

This year's annual IoP Physics Update for teachers took place in the Engineering Department from December 11th-13th

We demonstrated our cloud and spark chambers in one of the hands-on workshops led by Mike Green (RHUL) and Frances Green (IoP).

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On December 6th between 2pm and 5pm members of the public of all ages were invited to explore the world of physics at the Cavendish Lab.

Members of the HEP group demonstrated the detection of cosmic rays using our spark chamber.

Some other extra-terrestrial visitors were spotted taking a keen interest (photo).

Links: PhysicsFest web page, Institute of Physics.

Alumni weekend 2009

Alumni Weekend 2009

On September 25th and 26th the Cavendish Lab opened its doors to several hundred University of Cambridge Alumni.

Members of the HEP group were on hand to explain our experimental and theoretical particle physics programme to our visitors and to bring them up-to-date on the LHC which is scheduled to resume injection of proton beams at the end of November this year.

PaW 2009

Physics at Work 2009

From September 15th-17th the Cavendish Lab hosted its 25th Anniversary Physics at Work event for schools. Around 2000 visitors passed through the department over the three days.

The HEP exhibit demonstrated the detection of high energy cosmic ray muons using the group's cosmic ray telescope, cloud chamber and spark chamber.

The photo shows Jeremy explaining the cloud chamber to some of our visitors.

Links: Physics at Work, Spark Chamber, Photo 1, Photo 2.

Masterclass 2009
Masterclass 2009

HEP IOP Masterclass 2009

During March 2009 the High Energy Physics Group of the University of Cambridge Department of Physics held two 1-day events to highlight some of the latest developments in Particle Physics research.

These events were primarily intended for those students taking modules which include particle physics at 'A' or 'AS' level, but were also open to any physics student or teacher interested in studying or teaching the subject.

The days were a mixture of short talks by research physicists and practical sessions.

More information about future Masterclasses can be found here.