2011 Events



Selected highlights

PhysicsFest 2011

PhysicsFest 2011

On 4th December our spark chamber and Discovering Particles stand visited Claydon High School, near Ipswich, for the IoP PhysicsFest 2011.

Alumni Day 2011

Alumni Day 2011

On September 23rd we welcomed University alumni to the Cavendish.

Our spark chamber and Discovering Particles stand were again put to good use. A mock-up of an LHC dipole magnet on loan from CERN prompted many questions from our visitors about the progress of the Large Hadron Collider.



In partnership with the particle physics group at the University of Birmingham, we exhibited at this year's Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition - ScienceLive.

Visit our exhibit website - Discovering Particles - The Fundamental Building Blocks of the Universe - and experience the world of particles and the Large Hadron Collider.

Links: The Royal Society Exhibition home page. The Discovering Particles exhibit website.

TopSpark Mark III

Spark Chamber Mark III (Bruns)

In 2011, our Mark III (Bruns) spark chamber saw cosmics for the first time and is now at the Copernicus Science Centre in Poland.

The HEP Group's own Mark III chamber is now ready and has been exhibited at The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition and other events.

Links: Our spark chamber page, Copernicus Science Centre.