Particle Physics

Major Option

Prof. Mark Thomson

Michaelmas Term 2011

Course synopsis
Part III Particle Physics Lecture Handouts  
Introduction, Decay Rates and Cross-sections (pdf)  -  The Dirac Equation and Spin (pdf)  -  Interaction by Particle Exchange (pdf)  -  Electron Positron Annihilation (pdf)  -  Electron-proton scattering (pdf)  -  Deep-inelastic scattering (pdf)  -  Symmetries and the Quark Model (pdf)  -  QCD and Colour (pdf)  -  V-A and the Weak Interaction (pdf)  -  Leptonic Weak Interactions (pdf)  -  Neutrino Oscillations (pdf)  -  The CKM Matrix and CP Violation (pdf)  -  Electroweak Unification and the W and Z bosons (pdf)  -  Tests of the Standard Model (pdf)
Corrections (no major corrections yet)   (pdf)

Examples sheets  
Sheet 1 (pdf)  -  Sheet 2 (pdf)  -  Sheet 3 (pdf)  -  Sheet 4 (pdf)
To access the solutions please use the password:

(The password will be given out in the lectures)

Past tripos papers  
Jan 2000 (pdf)  -  Jan 2001 (pdf)  -  Jan 2002 (pdf)  -  Jan 2003 (pdf)  -  Jan 2004 (pdf)  -  Jan 2005 (pdf)  -  Jan 2006 (pdf)  -  Jan 2010 (pdf)  -  Jan 2011 (pdf)  -  Jan 2012 (pdf)
A collection of interesting web links to particle physics pages  
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