Modern Particle Physics: Online Resources

Modern Particle Physics
Author: Mark Thomson
ISBN: 9781107034266
Published by: Cambridge University Press

Online resources:

  • Hints and solutions to all problems for students;
  • A list of Errata;
  • Powerpoint slides of my 2011 lecture course on which this book was based;
  • Powerpoint slides including all figures in Modern Particle Physics;
  • Full worked solutions to all problems (for instructors only).
Hints and Numerical Solutions for Students
1. Hints and solutions (version 1) (.pdf)
Instructor's Manual
Available from the web page, password-protected for instructors only. Complete version (1.0) available from January 1st 2014. Contains fully worked solutions to all problems.
Lecture slides for 2011 Part III Particle Physics Course
Lecturers are free to use the material on these slides as part of their courses. Not everyhing is completely up to date. These lecture notes were given for five consequetive years and most typos have hopefully been picked up.
1. Introdution and Relativistic Kinematics (.ppt)
2. The Dirac Equation (.ppt)
3. Interaction by Particle Exchange (.ppt)
4. Electron Positron Annihilation (.ppt)
5. Electron Proton Elastic Scattering (.ppt)
6. Deep Inelastic Scattering (.ppt)
7. Symmetries and the Quark Model (.ppt)
8. Quantum Chromodynamics (.ppt)
9. V-A and the Weak Interaction (.ppt)
10. Leptonic Weak Interactions (.ppt)
11. Neutrino Oscillations (.ppt)
12. Weak Interactions of Quarks and CP Violation (.ppt)
13. The W and Z Boson (.ppt)
14. Tests of the Standard Model (.ppt)
Powerpoint slides with Figures from Modern Particle Physics
1. Chapter 1 (.pptx)
2. Chapter 2 (.pptx)
3. Chapter 3 (.pptx)
4. Chapter 4 (.pptx)
5. Chapter 5 (.pptx)
6. Chapter 6 (.pptx)
7. Chapter 7 (.pptx)
8. Chapter 8 (.pptx)
9. Chapter 9 (.pptx)
10. Chapter 10 (.pptx)
11. Chapter 11 (.pptx)
12. Chapter 12 (.pptx)
13. Chapter 13 (.pptx)
14. Chapter 14 (.pptx)
15. Chapter 15 (.pptx)
16. Chapter 16 (.pptx)
17. Chapter 17 (.pptx)
18. Chapter 18 (.pptx)
19. Appendix A (.pptx)
20. Appendix B (.pptx)
21. Appendix D (.pptx)
22. Appendix F (.pptx)
1. All known errata as of 28/4/2018: (.pdf)