Professor Mark Thomson
Lecture Courses

Graduate Lectures on Statustics 2009-
1. Introdution and probability density functions(.pdf)
2. Gaussian Statistics (.pdf)
3. Chi-squared and likelihood fitting (.pdf)
4. Dark Arts (.pdf)
Part III Major Option, Particle Physics 2006-
1. Introdution and Relativistic Kinematics (.pdf)
2. The Dirac Equation (.pdf)
3. Interaction by Particle Exchange (.pdf)
4. Electron Positron Annihilation (.pdf)
5. Electron Proton Elastic Scattering (.pdf)
6. Deep Inelastic Scattering (.pdf)
7. Symmetries and the Quark Model (.pdf)
8. Quantum Chromodynamics (.pdf)
9. V-A and the Weak Interaction (.pdf)
10. Leptonic Weak Interactions (.pdf)
11. Neutrino Oscillations (.pdf)
12. Weak Interactions of Quarks and CP Violation (.pdf)
13. The W and Z Boson (.pdf)
14. Tests of the Standard Model (.pdf)
Part IB, Great Experiments 2008-
1. The Solar Neutrino Problem (.pdf)
2. Discovery of the W and Z (.pdf)
International Science Summer School 2004-2008
1. Introduction (.pdf)
2. QED (.pdf)
3. QCD and Quarks (.pdf)
4. Weak (.pdf)
5. The Standard Model (.pdf)
Part II, Particle Physics 2001-2004
1. Introdution and Relativistic Kinematics (.pdf)
2. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics (.pdf)
3. QED (.pdf)
4. The Quark Model (.pdf)
5. QCD (.pdf)
6. The Weak Interaction (.pdf)
7. Electroweak Unification (.pdf)
8. The Standard Model and Beyond (.pdf)