Dr Christopher Lester

Lecturer in the HEP Group of the Cavendish Laboratory
Fellow of Peterhouse
Member of the ATLAS collaboration at the LHC in CERN


Room 952, Rutherford Building College:
HEP Group
Department of Physics
Cavendish Laboratory
JJ Thomson Avenue
Trumpington Street
+44 (0)1223 337232 +44 (0)1223 338260

What have I been publishing? my papers
Page for Peterhouse NST DoS students dos
Why is Peterhouse the best Cambridge College to apply to for Natural Sciences? Here are some reasons
You want to calculate MT2 or alphaT or some other strange event variable try here
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Lester's circle Lester's circle
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Playing the Vacuum Cleaner Grand Grand Overture
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Picture of ATLAS ID endplate, 2014
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Top Secret data for Tom
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Yukawa Higgs mechanism simulator

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