Shimano Rear Hub FH-RM35.pdf on my Ridgeback Tensor metro. Is for disk brakes.

Organ manuals

Erbauer mitre saw ( R255SMS-DB )

Fixing the cheap MIDI to USB converer from China that was made without optocouplers

Custom toilet seat hinge for Wickes Positano

Anubis Frame Assembly Manual

The Devon fireplace

Bosch WTX88RH9GB/03 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, 9kg Load, A+++ Energy (see also bosch technical info).

TIGER TGR600-24 power supply -- 24V, 25A.

HEDGHOG II materials cached from the originals.

Windows software for ECG machine and Electrode Placement

HackRF: This web page (local cache here) has some instructions for TCXO installation on the hackrf. It suggests that the board shoud be installed like this. The documentation on the cached page is complemented by information on the relevant page of the official docs.

.vimrc (vim configuration file)

wylex rec4 4-pole isolator

Sassmann harpsichord manual

hookup Rolec SU2X2F.pdf

Robin KMP 4116DL and 4120DL Earth Loop Impedance testers.

Gigaset A510 cordless phone manual and this battery discussion.


Washing machine: Human name: Bosch exxcel 7 - 1200 express; E-Nr (Model number): WAE24468GB/17, SerNo: FD 8911 607042, Installation Manual, User Manual, parts diagrams: 1, 2, 3, 4, ?fragile? spare parts link, Our washing machine door latch picture 1, Our washing machine door latch picture 2. These might be error codes or fault codes.

ZIP CEX manual

Seeing when the mains is on: my circuit 1 IMAGE
my circuit 2 : 680 ohm limits max inrush current to 1 amp since (Imax = 2*VMax / R) and VMax = sqrt2*VRMS = 340V since VRMS=240V. Time associated with surge pulse is 680*ohm*200*nanofarad = 136 microseconds. Datasheet of TLP620, TLP620-2, TLP620-4 optocouplers says absolute max inrush current is 1Amp for 100 microseconds. Factor 2 in Imax is because worst case timing of inrush is VAC opposed to -VAC stored on cap. if could guarantee cap was discharged would not need this factor two, which would allow smaller resistor and smaller inrush pulse time. Could add resistor designed to discharge capacitor on ~1 second tiemscale = (1*sec)/(200*nanoFarad) = 5*Megaohm (cost 5% power). (Here is variant with discharge resistor.) Note that a 500kOhm discharge (i.e. 0.1s discharge time) comes at a 58% power increase! NB, the 1A for 100microsec pulse really corresponds to a 100uC discharge. Q=CV so worst case charge flow is 2*sqrt(2)*VRMS*200nF = 135uC. Suggests could perhaps get away with no current limiting resistor and 35% lower cap. IMAGE
Based on circuit 2, here is my circuit 3 which adds smoothing to the output. IMAGE.

Ideal classic NF50 servicing and user manuals from Ideal Heating. Here are two pictures of our "STELRAD No 25B" PCB 1 2 ... and a cleaner version. Here is the similar 25E which has an Ideal part number of 173799.

I know our heat exchanger in our boiler is a 137493. I suspect this is interchangable with the 171375, but I am not sure. Both this newer one and ours have three slots for hot combustion gasses, wheras the 171374 is smaller and has two slots (as did an earlier 137494), while the 171376 is larger still and has four slots for combustion gasses. Wolseley seems to know about all. Best picclick/ebay search criterion is ideal heat exchanger. The Ideal Classic RS330 had the same heat exchanger but with four pipes coming out the back (two for gravity). They may have called it the 171910.

A compatible fan replacement image for 137568

Some say that our boiler supposedly has same heat exchanger and burner as Ideal Classic Slimline FF 350 (Model id number GB No. 41 392 04) for which there is SEDBUK data here and in the installation manual.

Honeywell 865.pdf. (Notes concerning replacement and refMan1.pdf and refMan2.pdf .)

Oven manuals

F60860M : AEG F60860M dishwasher manual and one sent to me by AEG. Notes about i30 fault code and flood sensor. Note that lower front panel slides LEFT to remove. The locking tab for the lower front panel is on the TRHS and must be pushed DOWN before the left-slide can occur. the BIG grey power button must be pulled off before the PCB can be removed from its box. 2021: leak was caused by softening labyrinth not draining as fast as it was filling (due to gunk in channels) leading to water overflowing into a region containing a window which (presuably) was designed to vent to force a detection of this fault condition. Left labyrinth can be unclipled and removed from back side, which is only there for condensation collection and air circulation in the drying phase. The window through which overflow occurred cannot be seen until softening labyrinth is removed. However, water overflowing through that window lands on the large diamater (i.e. drain) rubber pipe clipped to the base of the labyrinth. Same problem has re-occured if same fat black rubber pipe gets wet again.
Note: AEG DISHWASHER DOOR INTERLOCK LOCK MICROSWITCH for F60860 may have part number 91191761401 and be available from Ransom Spares. Maybe this is a cheaper equivalent?
Electrolux manuals.
Various files associated 1.
Various files associated 2.
AEG's page for FAV60860M is not very helpful
PNC is 91123274000.
The search term: AEG FAV60860M (91123274000) is pretty good, depsite our product card saying F60860M rather than FAV60860M.

Kudos Infinite offset curved slider centre access installation manual

Tiling upstand strip


The Kudos DWA90S-1 "high performance shower waste and trap" (at 2013-09-05) appears to be a re-badged McAlpine ST90CB10-HP2 trap and so has fitting instructions very similar to those from McAlpine. (The XX can be: CP = chrome plated plastic, CB = chrome plated brass, WH = white plastic.) This is the technical drawing and part number breakdown.

Helpful replies

I was able to fix or at least workaround this by disabling the Citrix ICA Client 12.X plugin in Firefox (or uninstall if you have the patience). After that, you may be prompted to reinstall the Windows ICA client which seems to be working fine for me now. However, since I don't control the clients that connect to my Citrix Environment, this is only useable if someone really has to have FF 22. FF20 is as high as I want to support from an IT perspective as it works without any reconfigurations. Hope this helps for those that don't want to run receiver.
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For Firefox v.22, I found experimentally that I needed the following three things to be in place:

    Upgrade my Citrix online plug-in from 12.1.44 to 12.3.
    Make sure I'd implemented the fix that became necessary at FF v. 21, namely, go to about:config, set plugins.load_appdir_plugins to TRUE.
    Make sure that FF is set to "Use Citrix (default)" instead of "Use Citrix ICA client (in Firefox)" inside of Tools > Options > Applications > highlight "Citrix ICA client" content type. 



Hotpoint GW21C

Clock-Oils.pdf from

Rotatone information

operation manual
332 fitting instructions (technical)
332 fitting instructions (pictures)
other information


GPO Telephone 312

(image from
Telephone is wired as follows. The standard diagram is N412.

Remove strap T10 - T11.
Remove strap T12 - T13.
Insert a 3.3K ohm resistor between T11 & T12.
Link all the following terminals together T1 - T2 - T3 - T9.
Red of line cord to T8.
White of line cord to T1.
Blue of line cord to T11.
Green of the line cord is spare and can be parked on T7.
Rectifier No. 205 (if needed) inserted between T6 & T5.

GPO Telephone 330, 332 & 333

Telephone is wired as follows.  The standard diagrams are N430, N432 & N433.

Remove strap T10 - T11.
Remove strap T11 - T12.
Insert strap T8 - T9.
Insert strap T1 - T2.
Insert a 3.3K ohm resistor between T11 and T12.
Rectifier No. 205 (if needed) inserted between T6 & T5.
Red of line cord to T9.
White of line cord to T1.
Blue of line cord to T11.
Green of line cord to T3.



Elmdene PS


Rigol DA1000E

DS1000E datasheet.pdf
Users Guide DS1000E.pdf


Carlo Gavazzi, Inc. RJ1P23V30E Solid State Relay Screw DIN Rail Panel Mount, 30 A rms, 10 V dc made obsolete by the RGC1P23V30ED