Graduate open day posters

Past Part III Project writeups

Past PhD Student Theses: ( Sarah Williams, Teng Jian Khoo, Chris Cowden, Tom Gillam, Ben Brunt, Chiao-Ying Lin, Holly Pacey, )

Advice on summer placements

Part III Particles

Part IB, Physics B, C++ programming course

HEP Graduate Lectures

Something everyone should watch: videos of ATP-synthase making ATP

Past Literature Reviews

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Links to material related to my TASI lectures from 2011
Cavendish Teaching Website

Spark Chamber for the East of England

Supervision Arrangements Wiki
Things I forget to show my maths supervisees, including "Why you can't always change the order of integration" and "Why you shoud be careful with complex numbers".
Inverted pendulum demonstration design and local cache of Harvard document here
Chemistry supervisors database

Mirror of the section of David MacKay's teaching web-pages relating to the computing course he created.
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