Detector Tests Tab

Select this tab to retrieve any test information about any SCT detector.

Detector Type Selection
Use this section to select which detectors you want to view information on.

Manufacturer Data and ATLAS Data Tabs:
Select the data you want to view, for the detectors you selected in the 'Detector Type Selection' section. You can sort the data by selecting the appropriate item in the 'Order Results By' menu.

Examples of Report Generation

Example 1 - view Manufacturer Data summary for all Hamamatsu Barrel detectors delivered to Cambridge

Example 2 - view Manufacturer Data summary for all Hamamatsu Barrel detectors delivered to Cambridge, ordered by lowest current detectors first

Example 3 - view manufacturer-supplied strip defects for all CiS W32 Wedge detectors delivered to Munich-MPI

Example 4 - view IV data taken by Geneva for any W32 Hamamatsu detectors

Example 5 - view raw data listing of IV scan taken by Geneva for detector 20220900700013

Example 6 - View summary of all visual inspections of Hamamatsu barrels at Cambridge

Example 7 - View visual sinpection images of detector 20220900202658 taken at Cambridge

Example 8 - View status of detector testing at an institute
By clicking the 'Overall Test Status' button, you can list the status of all tests carried out by a specified ATLAS institute on the selected range of detectors.

Suppose, for example, you to view the number, percentage, and pass/problem/fail perecentages of all Hamamatsu barrel detectors tested at Cambridge between 20220900201000 and 20220900209000.

For each type of test, the status flag is listed (Pass, Problem or FAIL), together with an 'Overall Status' column indicating the overall status for that detector (which is 'FAIL' if ANY test fails, 'Problem' if any test shows a problem, or 'Pass' if all tests are ok. NOTE: if the compulsory tests (IV and visual check) have not been completed, the overall status is listed as '*Pending', indicating that the overall status is not yet known).

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