The System menu

The System menu is dedicated to System-related issues, such as IPC communication, hardware configuration, and the CalibrationContoller.

The Display menu

The Display menu is used to switch the main SctGUI display mode. This menu is also available by right-mouseclicking on the main display (if not clicked directly on a module).

The Tests menu

The Options menu

The Tools menu

  • IS Tree...
    Display a tree of all the running IS servers and their contents. By right-mouseclicking on any object in the IS tree, you can optionally view the contents of the IS object or delete that object from IS. DO NOT delete any IS object unless you know what you are doing - this is very much for expert use only!!
    Please note the IS tree will not update automatically as objects are published or deleted from IS. You must click the Refresh button to refresh the tree with the current IS status.
  • Scripting
    Open a scripting window (with your favourite flavour!) to interact directly with IPC components like SctApi or CalibrationController. Very much for expert use only.
  • Run GarbageCollector
    Run the java garbageCollector. Should not normally be necessary.
  • Refresh Display
    Refresh the SctGUI display.
  • Launch SctApi GUI
    Launch the SctApi GUI.

  • The Help menu

    The Preferences menu

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