Introduction to the SctGUI User Interface

SctGUI is the primary user interface component of SctRodDaq. It can be used to: The user interface comprises five main visual components:
  1. Parameter selections
  2. The Colour Display
  3. The Colour Scale
  4. The Scan Status
  5. The Data Tables
You can perform actions by right-mouse clicking on any of these five components and selecting the appropriate option in the popup menu, or by selecting menu items on the menu bar along the top of SctGUI.

Parameter Selections

The parameter selector is the vertical column at the far left of SctGUI, and is used to select what is displayed in the main colour display. It consists of three selector panes, which may be varied in size by selecting and dragging the separators between the three panes. The top selector pane is used to select the primary display parameter. The middle selector pane is used to specify secondary options for the selected primary display parameter, eg 'ChipICC' if the primary parameter is 'DCS Conditions' etc. The bottom selector pane is used to choose which part of the SCT should be displayed.

Clicking on any option in any of these three panes will cause the SctGUI to update the colour display, the colour scale, and the data tables with your chosen option.

The Colour Display

The Colour Display provides an 'at a glance' view of the data from all modules in any barrel or endcap. It shows an outline of the physical barrel or endcap, with the individual modules. Modules which are present in the configuration are shown in a bold outline, whereas modules which are not present are greyed. The colour of the module indicates the value of the selected parameter for that module, according to the colour scale.

To view which options are available for data viewing for a module etc, right-mouse click on a module. To view more general options right-mouse click on part of the display not covered by a module.

There is an information header in the blue rectangle at the top of the display. The header shows the current display mode and any information relevant to the current parameter selections. If you move the mouse over the display, various data for a module is shown in the header whenever the mouse moves over a module. The module data in the header is of the following format:

'serialnumber (ROD Crate, ROD number, ROD channel, PowerSupplyCate, PowerSupply Channel) data'

If the DCS power supply information in missing, the power supply crate and channel numbers are indicated by '-1'.

The Colour Scale

The colour scale defines the display colour for a given parameter value. The colour scale is fully editable: you can choose your own colours, add or remove new parameter values. Right-mouse click on the colour scale to invoke the colour scale editor. If you make any changes to the colour scale, the changes will persist for future sessions.

The Scan Status

The scan status display shows the current status of the CalibrationController and of any scans in progress. Right-mouse click on the Scan Status display to interact with the CalibrationController.

The Data Spreadsheets

There are two spreadsheets to the right of the display. The top spreadsheet usually lists the tests that have been done and the test in progress. You can select different tests with the mouse and/or arrow keys, and the display updates with the data corresponding to your selected test. The bottom spreadsheet usually lists the colour display data in numbers and/or strings as appropriate. You can right-mouse click on any line in either of the spreadsheets to view possible options.

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