ZIP CEX manual

Ideal classic NF50 servicing and user manuals from Ideal Heating. Here are two pictures of our "STELRAD No 25B" PCB 1 2 ... and a cleaner version. Here is the similar 25E known as the 173799. Boiler supposedly has same heat exchanger and burner as Ideal Classic Slimline FF 350 (Model id number GB No. 41 392 04) for which there is SEDBUK data here and in the installation manual.

Honeywell 865.pdf. (Notes concerning replacement.)

AEG F60860M dishwasher manual and one sent to me by AEG.

Kudos Infinite offset curved slider centre access installation manual

Tiling upstand strip


The Kudos DWA90S-1 "high performance shower waste and trap" (at 2013-09-05) appears to be a re-badged McAlpine ST90CB10-HP2 trap and so has fitting instructions very similar to those from McAlpine. (The XX can be: CP = chrome plated plastic, CB = chrome plated brass, WH = white plastic.) This is the technical drawing and part number breakdown.

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I was able to fix or at least workaround this by disabling the Citrix ICA Client 12.X plugin in Firefox (or uninstall if you have the patience). After that, you may be prompted to reinstall the Windows ICA client which seems to be working fine for me now. However, since I don't control the clients that connect to my Citrix Environment, this is only useable if someone really has to have FF 22. FF20 is as high as I want to support from an IT perspective as it works without any reconfigurations. Hope this helps for those that don't want to run receiver.
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For Firefox v.22, I found experimentally that I needed the following three things to be in place:

    Upgrade my Citrix online plug-in from 12.1.44 to 12.3.
    Make sure I'd implemented the fix that became necessary at FF v. 21, namely, go to about:config, set plugins.load_appdir_plugins to TRUE.
    Make sure that FF is set to "Use Citrix (default)" instead of "Use Citrix ICA client (in Firefox)" inside of Tools > Options > Applications > highlight "Citrix ICA client" content type. 



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