Professor Mark Thomson
Research Opportunities

Research Associate Position: Particle Flow Calorimetry

I will soon (early 2009) be advertising a three year STFC funded post for research and development of algorithms for Particle Flow Calorimety. The aim of this work is to understand the potential of Particle Flow Calorimetry at future high energy colliders such as the ILC and CLIC.

Graduate Student: ATLAS at the LHC

Cambridge have recently joined the ATLAS trigger group and will be working on the ATLAS upgrade to the level 1 calorimeter trigger. The is an opportunity for graduate student starting in October 2009 to work in this interesting area. The student would be expected to contribute to the operation of the ATLAS trigger and understanding of the data. The student would also work on a physics analysis based on the initial data from the LHC.

Graduate Student: ILC and CLIC

There are opportunities for a graduate student to play a role in the development of the experiments for the ILC and/or CLIC. Professor Thomson is leading the design and optimisation studies for the ILD concept for the ILC and through his work on Particle Flow Calorimetry is providing input to the initial discussions of the CLIC detector concept. A strong graduate student working in this area could have a significant imapct. Unfortunetely due to current research council policy, STFC funding would not be possible.