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Part II



 MINOS DAQ MEETING, Cambridge 13rd-14th October 2003

  • Agenda
    Geoff may wish to post a working draft agenda (usual MINOS pwd)

  • Meeting Room
    • Monday 13th : HEP Seminar Room (1st Floor, Rutherford Building)
    • Tuesday 14th : HEP Seminar Room (1st Floor, Rutherford Building)

  • Accommodation
    Everybody is staying in Park Terrace, Emmanuel College. I believe all rooms are en suite.
    • Geoff (Emmanuel College: Room xx)
    • Lisa (Emmanuel College: Room xx)
    • Nathaniel (Emmanuel College: Room xx)
    • Tass (Emmanuel College: Room xx)
    • Tim (Emmanuel College: Room xx)
    In all cases, when you arrive call in at the Porter's Lodge and they will hopefully sort you out. You must pay at the Porter's lodge when you leave.

  • Map Take a look at the Cambridge University map

  • Parking
    Parking in Cambridge is a bit of a nightmare - so please let me know if you are driving and I'll try to arrange parking at the college (again you'll need to ask at the porter's lodge).

  • Getting to the Cavendish
    • How to find us (including a useful map ! )
    • the Cavendish is located just off the Madingley Road (the road into Cambridge if you exit the M11 at junction 13). There is parking. Driving in Cambridge can be a little on the slow side. I would recommend travelling from the centre of town either by foot or, if you are feeling brave, by bus.
    • Bus take the number 77 Park and Ride, direction "Madingley Road", from Emmanuel Street (stop E) and get off at the Conduit Head Road Stop (you will need to ask the friendly driver as the bus doesn't usually stop there).
    • By foot it takes about 30 minutes. From King's the best (and most scenic) route is via Garret Hostel Lane, Burrell's Walk, Adams Road and then the Coton footpath. From Emmanuel/Christ's an alternative (and less pleasant) route is via Bridge Street and then Madingley Road. The Porters should be able to give you any further directions.
    • On the first day you will need to call in at reception to get a visitor's badge. Ask reception to give me a call and I'll come and find you. We will try to start at 10:00 a.m. on

  • Connectivity
    • There are 4/5 wired ethernet connections in the meeting rooms we are using. We will try to put in a wireless hub. I will need MAC addresses wired and wireless if you wish to connect.

  • Problems
    If there are problems please give me a call on:
    • 1223-765122 (office, I'm usually in by 0900)
    • 1223-357900 (home)
    • 1223-362332 (college)

  • Recommended Equipment
    • Laptop
    • Towel (just in case one isn't provided)
    • Dressing Gown