Jackson Smith - Teaching

This term (Lent 2013), I will be offering supervisions for Prof David Ward's Part II Nuclear and Particle course. Any useful resources I come across will be linked here.

Recommended books

The two general books I'd recommend for the course are Martin: 'Nuclear and Particle Physics, an introduction', and Burcham and Jobes: 'Nuclear and Particle Physics'.

The former of these is probably the best book for your course (containing good explanations, full derivations and end-of-chapter-questions with worked solutions), whilst the latter covers a broader range of stuff, in a little more detail.

Class notes

I have decided to keep a page of notes and useful links for each supervision. Books that give especially lucid discussions relevant to a particular question will be listed here, along with pdfs of my (currently handwritten) notes.

Supervision 1 - questions 1-9


Towards the end of the course, I'll recommend a few past paper questions to be used as revision for key topics.