LabView for Semiconductor Test and Measurement

Requires LabView 6i or later, runs on PCs (not MAC).
Hardware currently supported:


The software is intended to be installed on 2 or more PCs, which are networked and share at least one networked read/write directory.
The software requires a directory structure defined in a configuration file called siconfig.txt which must be located in directory C:\DaveR.
The directory structure is of the form rootdir\pn\pcn\xxxxxx, where

rootdir is one of three directories: a local data directory, a local archive directory, a remote (network) archive directory

pn defines a directory reseverved for all data from a given project (eg n=0,1,2,  for projects General, ATLAS PreSeries, ATLAS Production data)

pcn defines the pc which took a given measurement, n=0,1,2 for PCs pc0, pc1,pc2 etc

xxxxxx defines the type of measurement, eg iv, cv, pinholes, stability, vv, general

You can automatically create this directory structure (AFTER you have installed the file C:/DaveR/siconfig.txt AND updated it with your insititute details) by running .

Data backups and data/plot inspection are performed by When a backup is performed, data is archived from the local data directory to the local archive directory AND the remote (network) archive directory. At the same time, the remote (network) archive directory is interrogated to see if new data has been archived from other PCs, and if so the new data is copied into the local archive directory. In this way, copies of the data are propogated to all PCs.

Software available (in llb libraries):

Test programs will prompt you for (though you can override this by means of a tickbox) a lookup table which defines if the device you are testing is registered in the SCT database as being at your institute. This is to remove the possibility of database errors. You can generate such a table from my Java Database Interface.

Link for some extras for RAL.