Shipment Reports

There are two sections under the Shipments tab:

Create a New Shipment
This is a useful utility to register a shipment of any number items from any institute to another institute. To see how it works, check out the example.

View Existing Shipments
Comprehensive reporting of shipments between SCT institutes/manufacturers etc.

Example 1: How to register a shipment of components from one institute to another
In this example, I will register the shipment of all barrel detectors from serial number 20220900211000 to 20220900212000 that are at Cambridge, to RAL.
NOTE: In this example, there are only 241 detectors at Cambridge between these serial numbers, as you will see below:

Example 2: How to view all shipments of Silicon Detectors from CiS to MPI during the year 2002

Example 3: How to list all items in a shipment, with their status

Example 4: How to view all test results of items in a shipment

Example 2: How to receive a shipment