Downloading multiple datafiles from the SCT Database


Please report problems and bugs to Dave Robinson

This application will download raw data files for multiple modules from the SCT database. It can download:
DataFile name format
xml configuration files 2022nnnnnnnnnn.xml
IV data20220nnnnnnnnn_iv.dat
RC data 2022nnnnnnnnnn_rc.dat
3pt Gain data 2022nnnnnnnnnn_3ptgain.dat
Trim data 20220nnnnnnnnn.trim and 20220nnnnnnnnn.mask
Test result summary 2022nnnnnnnnnn_testname.dat

If multiple files of the same type exist in the database for the same module serial number, only the most recent data file is downloaded.

Note - for the xml config files, the application will automatically lookup and insert the correct calibrate correction factors, provided the assembly information for the given module is available in the database.

  1. Installation
  2. Useage

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the ProdDatabase/getDBfiles utility from Cambridge. This is a file called 'jDBUtils.jar'. Download it from Cambridge. Note you will download a zip file, please unzip it after download.
  2. Make sure you have the Java RunTime Environment (JRE) or full Java Developers Kit (SDK) on your system, version **1.4** or greater. If you haven't already got them, they are free to download from Sun. Important: anything less than version 1.4 will not work!
  3. Download the JDBC classes. This is a single file called ''. Download it from the Geneva web server. Do not attempt to unzip this file!
  4. Set your CLASSPATH environment variable to include both files, ie jDBUtils.jar and
  5. And thats it. Once you have downloaded the above files, and installed Java 1.4 SDK or JRE, and set your CLASSPATH environment variable, do the following:
    • Type 'java ProdDatabase/getDBfiles' at your DOS prompt or linux terminal session.


Syntax is 'java ProdDatabase/getDBfiles' followed by arguments. Running with no arguments will generate a list of permissable arguments.

Compulsory arguments
You must specify ONE of the following:

  • '-iv' to retrieve IV data
  • '-3ptgain' to retrieve 3ptgain RC data
  • '-rc' to retrieve ResponseCurve RC data
  • '-xml' to retrieve module config xml data
  • '-trim' to retrieve module .trim and .mask files
  • '-n' to retrieve a test result summary file for test index n, where n is one of:
    • 0 Reset
    • 1 Redundancy
    • 2 FullByPass
    • 3 Pipeline
    • 4 StrobeDelay
    • 5 3PtGain
    • 6 Trim
    • 7 ResponseCurve
    • 8 Noise
    • 9 TimeWalk
    • 10 Longterm
    • 11 IVscan
plus a serial number (or two serial numbers to specifiy a range of serial numbers).

Optional arguments
You can add any of the following optional arguments:
  • '-warm' to retrieve only warm data (data atekn at room temperature)
  • '-cold' to retrieve only cold data (data taken at 0C)
  • '-o outputDirectory' to define the output directory (if different from current directory)
  • '-t testLocation' to download only data taken by testLocation
  • '-r runnumber' to download only data taken for run runnumber
  • '-s scannumber' to download only data taken for scan scannumber