ATLAS Detector Qualification Tests

Tests listed in this document are Cambridge proposals and have not yet been formally approved by ATLAS.


In order to qualify as a candidate for ATLAS production orders, detectors from each designated manufacturer must be demonstrated to satisfy the ATLAS specifications on delivery, as well as after irradiation to 3x10**14 as part of the 1998 ATLAS irradiation program.

Several new designs from different manufacturers are becoming available this summer, and before inclusion in the irradiation program they should first be checked to ensure that detector and test-structure electrical properties are consistent with required ATLAS specifications. These checks should include the following:

For detector designs satisfying the above criteria, proposed pre- and post-irradiation tests are listed below:

Tests on every detector before irradiation

Tests on a detector batch subset before irradiation

These are a verification of the manufacturer's own data.

Pre-Irradiation detector preparations

Before irradiation the detectors should be glued (or clamped?) to ceramic support cards and bonded to pitch adaptors for compatibility with readout with both binary and analogue chips. The glue type should be araldite 2011. The IV test described in the previous section should be repeated to check the effects of the glue. It would also be to great advantage if the detector can be bonded to readout chips for an analysis of the strip noise distribution, as this is helpful in the interpretation of post-irradiation studies.

Post-irradiation detector tests

Detectors will be irradiated at the CERN PS to ~3x10** with 24GeV/c protons. After irradiation the detectors should be annealed for ~7 days at 25degC equivalent temperature in order to reach the minimum of the depletion anneal. The following tests should then be performed after the anneal (most post-irradiation measurements need to be performed at -10degC or cooler to limit detector current):

Equipment Required

The following is considered to be the minimal list of equipment required for the unirradiated detector tests listed in this proposal document.

Additional equipment required for irradiated detector testing:

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