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Copies are available of the following presentations (please request the password if access is restricted):
Silicon developments at Cambridge - Micron Oxygenated Detector & Hamamatsu Miniature Results (pdf)
ATLAS SCT Week Detector meeting, CERN, 29/11/99
A first comparison of oxygenated and control Micron barrel detectors (pdf)
ATLAS Detector meeting, CERN, 22/9/99
Hamamatsu ATLAS98 Barrel Results Summary (pdf)
ATLAS Detector meeting, CERN, 22/9/99
Measurement of irradiated miniature detectors, and comparison with main detectors (pdf)
ATLAS Detector meeting, CERN, 22/9/99
Evaluation of SINTEF preseries ATLAS Detectors
ATLAS Detector Meeting, CERN, 18/10/00
ATLAS QA Procedures for Silicon Microstrip Detectors
1st Workshop on QA Issues in Silicon Detectors, CERN, May 17-18, 2001.
Silicon Microstrip Detectors for the ATLAS SCT
Talk at 5th International Conference on Large Scale Applications and Radiation Hardness of Semiconductor Detectors, Firenze, Italy, 4-6th July 2001.
Java GUI interface to the SCT database
Talk at December 2001 SCT week plenary session.
Retrieving Data from the SCT Database
Talk at SCT database tutorial, CERN, 30/9/2002.
Irradiations of SCT Detectors
Talk at Module Irradiations meeting, SCT Week, CERN, 01/10/02.
Barrel Database Utilities
Barrel-specific database utilities, presented at barrel module session, SCT Week, CERN, 01/10/02.
Status of Barrel Database
Presented at Barrel PAR, RAL, 15/05/03.

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