SctGUI User Manual

This user manual has been optimised for viewing from the Help menu of SctGUI, but can also be viewed using any web browser at
For information on the non-SctGUI components of SctRodDaq, look at the Wiki site at

This manual is displayed in a java simulation of a web browser. You can click on links to move to different pages, and navigate between viewed pages by clicking on the back/forward buttons at the bottom, OR by right-mouse clicking on the window and selecting a page.
  1. General Introduction to the user interface
  2. Getting started
    1. CLASSPATH Considerations
    2. Setting your Preferences
    3. Exercising SctRodDaq without any hardware
  3. Display Modes
    1. Module Group Selection
    2. Data Manager
    3. Test Results
    4. SCTDAQ Reference
    5. SctRodDaq Reference
    6. DCS Info
    7. IV Scan Data
  4. Menus
    1. The System menu
    2. The Display menu
    3. The Tests menu
    4. The Options menu
    5. The Tools menu
    6. The Help menu
    7. The Preferences menu
  5. FAQs
  6. the following will be updated soon...
    1. How do I change the colour scale of the main module display?
    2. How do I add a new module to the SctRodDaq module configuration?
    3. How can I retrieve and redisplay archived SctRodDaq data?
    4. How can I download and display reference SCTDAQ data?