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CamOnt is a virtual organisation based on gLite grid technology for the Camtology consortium which is setting up context dependent search services. It is a partnership between Imense Ltd, iLexIR Ltd and physicists at Cambridge and Birmingham Universities. Its work is partly funded by the Science and Technology Research Council (STFC) via the PIPSS programme. It is led by the High Energy Physics Group at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge which hosts a Tier 2 site on the European Grid Infrastructure . It makes use of grid resources to run document and image processing pipelines, which attempt to analyse the content of text using natural language processing, and to analyse the content of images without reference to metadata tags. The analysis of large numbers of internet documents is vital for improving the performance of these document indexing processes, and ultimately leads to better search technologies. Since each document can be analysed independently, the pipelines can easily be run as parallel grid applications. The consortium publishes its work, and is intending to release the worlds largest n-gram corpus for academic study. This corpus quantifies the relationships among word patterns in 'internet English'.

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iLexIR specializes in text analytics, mining, classification, and search applications.

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imense develops world leading image recognition and retrieval software, which understands and interprets the visual content of digitised images.

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