Good unicycling advice






1 rev y y y y
2 rev y y y y
4 rev y y y y
20 m y y y y
100 m y y y y


1 rev y y y y
2 rev y y y sometimes
4 rev y y y
20 m sometimes y y
100 m y


Free R y y y y
Free L sometimes y sometimes sometimes; including twice in succession
Cowboy R y usually
Cowboy L y
Double cowboy R many attempts
Double cowboy L
Suicide He has no fear! y often on the small uni, but too scared to try the big wheel often
Kick R
Kick L y
Rolling y y

Wheel walking:

1 rev y y
2 rev y
4 rev y
20 m y ... only if I cheat and use two walking sticks ...
100 m working on it!


R down >20, but erratic y
L down y >20, but erratic
one-footed R down y
one-footed L down y
Pedals level I just had a go: it feels odd
R crank ~1 oscillation
L crank ?

Silly categories:

Bunny hopping:
>20 Indefinitely, and even up a flight of 15 steps! >30
Standing still: (arms allowed to flail)
~1 second
Riding one footed (R):
1 rev y
2 rev 66%
4 rev 66%
20 m 40%
100 m have managed 25 revs (~50 m) starting from a wall, and 10 revs from a `free mounted one foot idle'
Riding one-footed (L):
1 rev y
2 rev y
4 rev y
20 m y
100 m y

Good unicycling advice