Some ideas submitted for session 1 in Michaelmas 2016

Maths Trick to Find 27  
First ever C++: Animal Lives  
Exponential Calculator  
Odds On game  
Prime Number Generator  
A program to calculate your remaining lifespan and simple comparisons to animals  
A Program to Add and Subtract Integers  
Find a day in the week of all the date in 2016  
Session 1: Exercise + Recursive function  
Number Guessing Game  
Text Based Terminal Game  
A program to find factors of two inputs  
Mr [Er, when I asked for a project's TITLE, I wasn't thinking of LORD/LADY/MS/MISS/DR/MR ...] 
Generating multiples of an integer between a specified integer range  
A program to randomly return three items of smalltalk  
Days till Christmas  
Interest Compounding Calculator  
Convergence Detector  
Temperature Converter  
C++ arithmetics  
A Simple Calculator  
Sum of a Fibonacci series  
Monty Hall brain teaser  
Using Monte Carlo method to estimate ln(2) to 2 decimal places  
Joke generator and Super Hel  
My Simple Game  
Simplified blackjack game  
My first code ever! (Newton II)  
My super adder  
Number Hangman  
Solving one's armlength complex
Finding the average of three integers on three separate occasions   
Session 1  
Saving Money on Fuel  
Higher Or Lower Game  
Writing down the first n Fibonacci Numbers  
Mass Converter  
Simple Text Adventure  
Bedtime calculator  
A program that will sum two integers if and only if both are primes.  
Taylor expansion of e^x  
Guessing Game - My First C++ Program.  
Planet order program  
Number Factor Finder  
A basic iterative forced energy balance model for the earth  
My first program - a simple maths test  
(TerminalCursor) An excellent tool to waste your time!  
BMI Calculator  
Prime factor finder  
My first C++ program: Biscuits  
Integer decomposition  
Lord Protector of the Realm  
Personality Test  
Number Guessing Program  
Ceasar Cypher  
Zodiac Sign   
Deviation, mean and all that jazz  
Spectral Analysis  
A program to calculate scalar and vector products  
My first foray into C++  
Cauchy Distribution Simulator  
Alcohol Safety Test  
Quadratic Equation Solver  
A program to check if a number is prime  
Fibonacci Number Calculator           (Session 1)
Sorting calculator useful during labs (Session 2) 
Monte Carlo estimate for ln(2)        (Session 3) 
Sudoku Solver                         (Session 4) 
A program to return the values of various physical constants   
Leap Year verifier  
Pi Calculator  
Are you safe to drive?   
Prime Number Checker  
Flight Duration Calculator  
Random Number Guessing Game  
Solving the Quadratic equation using c++  
Solving the Quadratic equation using c++  
Are you faster than a Snail?   
Gaussian Probability Calculator  
Hanging a weight on a massless bar supported by strings  
Kitchen Timer  
Linear Sieve for Prime Numbers