Some ideas submitted for session 1 in Michaelmas 2015

PAddition and Multiplication of Numbers  
Cambridge Colleges beginning with a C  
A program to calculate the factors of any integer  
Determines if your number is lucky.  
Interesting numbers  
Prime Number checker  
Random number guessing game  
Number Guessing Game  
Number Guessing Game  
Integrator of x^2  
Mine Finder game  
Collatz Sequences  
Error Function Calculator  
Prime Factorisation  
Basic Body Fat Calculator  
Polynomial Differentiator  
Odd or Even?  
Prime Number Checker and Generator  
Program to Calculate Shape Areas  
Age in Useless Time Units  
One Sigma Tester  
Lucky Odd Number Finder  
Wang's Test  
Sum of Squares  
QuickSort in C++  
QuickSort in C++  
My first C++ calculator  
Triangle Calculator  
Determinant of a 3x3 matrix  
Finding square roots using two different methods  
Help in finding lost items  
What an Odd Number  
Finding the square root of a number within an integer range  
Doomsday algorithm   
Leap Year Calculator  
Lucky Number Game  
Islamic Lunar Age Calculator  
A program to generate the first 20 numbers in the Fibonacci sequence  
Arithmetic Mean Calculator  
Age Calculator  
Should You Row? Quiz  
Quadratic Equation Solver  
Quadratic Equation Solution Finder  
Simple Adder for those who don't know what an integer is  
Quadratic equation solver  
Approximating a decimal number by a "small" fraction  
Indian Poker  
A recursive upper limit on the Ramsey number R(m, n)  
Happy Number Tester  
Quadratic Equation Solver  
Finding the length of the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle  
Solving suvat equations for given s,u and a.  
README maker  
Austen Summary Generator
Timer for Melting Chocolate in Microwave
Calculating x^n  
Simple password program  
Sine Graph  
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Quiz  
Power Modulo  
Do you know your Prime Numbers from 1-20?  
Primes on Trial  
Age Calculator  
Converting light-years to fish-minutes
How Drunk Are You?  
Age calculator   
How Tall Are You  
List Comparator  
Beat the dragon!
How To Boil An Egg  
counting farm animals  
Now it's your turn  
B.M.I. Calculator  
Calculate your daily energy needs  
A simple and naive Fibonacci calculator  
Hello World  
I want to know the letter of the alphabet  
a program to divide integers  
Healthy portion calculator  
Program to test wether and input number is a perfect square.  
A program to calculate the dot product of two vectors  
Quadratic Calculator   
Day of week you were born  
Random number  
Number Guessing Game  
(buggy) Mandelbrot rendering
Beginnings of a Matrix Library  
XOR Encryption  
My first C++ program (calculating the meaning of life)  
Solution to longest common substring problem  
Fibonacci series  
Simple Calculator  
Do You Feel Lucky?  
Sum of Squares  
Guess the lucky number  
Caesar Cipher encoder  
Simple Natural Language Calculator  
Solve Simultaneous Equations  
Simple calculator to add, subtract, multiply and divide two numbers