Some ideas submitted for session 1 in Michaelmas 2014

Prime Number identifier  
A Christmas Countdown Program  
A Program to Solve Quadratic Equations  
Score 21 to win!  
Basic Calculator  
Sorting Numbers  
First attempt at coding in C++  
Program to calculate the economic feasiblilty of world tours coming to the UK.   
A program to generate the first N prime numbers  
A Digit Counter  
My first c++ program  
Multiplication Tester  
My simple calculator  
My simple calculator  
Collatz Conjecture Checker!  
A program to test the user's knowledge of times tables  
A program giving the motion of a block sliding down a slope  
A program for splitting a bill  
Finding the circle that 3 coplanar points lie on  
Projectile Motion for a ball thrown off a cliff  
Program to calculate highest common factors  
A program to tell the user whether their number is odd or even  
Mean/Standard Deviation Calculator  
Simple Calculator  
Helping the user to identify an instrument which suits their personality  
Formal Hall Dinner Cost Calculator  
Sine Squared Visualiser  
A length units converter  
Times table calculator  
A program to list the factors of a number  
Favourite Sherlock Character  
Madame Lorena reads your mind
My mean and uncertainties calculator  
Magic 8 ball  
Program to test the user's multiplication skills  
Numberwang: The Smash Hit Global Game Show Phenomenon  
N-sided Dice  
Even or odd?  
Multiplication Tables  
Arbitrary precision arithmetic and pi
A program to be used as a basic calculator  
Weekly lectures  
Guess the number game  
Text adventure game  
Solving Two Simultaneous Equations  
My timetable  
A program to generate a die roll and square it in some cases  
A very basic calculator  
A program to calculate Fibonacci numbers, the golden ratio, and its error  
Printing directory names  
Printing directory names  
Number Base Changer  
Basics - SimpleCalc  
Program to determine x^n for integer x and n, and 0