Some ideas submitted for session 1 in Michaelmas 2013

Task 1: Testing Factors
A Self-Aggrandising Test
YesNoprogram: SO response advice
Gamma Function Calculator
While Loops in Arithmetic
Productivity Enhancer
I Can Guess Your Age...
Prime Number Generator
How old will I be on Halloween?
Do you have a palindrome?
Golden Ratio (To Five Decimal Places Only)
Solving a Quadratic Equation
Even number generator 
Calculator for primary school
Lucky Number Tester
Multiples of seven
Text-based calculator
Prime Factorisation
Name Sorting
Lucky Number based on Birthdays
Storyline Game
Lists of perfect, prime and square numbers between specified limits.
Gaining Some Perspective
Fibonacci Series Generator
How awesome are you?
Prime Factor Decomposition
Fantastic Fortune Teller
Program to approximate exp(x)
Fortune Teller
I Bet I Can Turn Any Number You Enter Into 4!
Rate Your Day
Euclidean algorithm
Prime Factor Breakdown
Summing the multiples of an integer
Session 1 practical work
Maths Game
Mean and variance of 5 numbers
A program to find square and triangle numbers
Difference Calculator
Perfect Number Finder
Adding 3 numbers (with a secret)
 Guess my favourite number
Primes by Sieve of Eratosthenes
A program that finds the lowest common multiple of two integers
BMR calculator
Night Out
Insertion Sort
Lucky number
Super Fun Triangle Game!
Maths Fun
Program to calculate a*b+c
Quadratic equation solver in C++
How old are you?
My first time with C++
Fibonacci Calculator
Exponential Calculator
Riddle Challenge
Guess the number
A handy VAT calculator
My first program using some input and creating some output
A way to check for multiples of four.
Italian Cooking (first c++ program)
Rectangle & Triangle Calculator
Happy Birthday 
Volume Calculator X3000
Integer multiplication - product even or odd?
Sum of Squares
The Bach Factor
A program to calculate your body mass index
Textual day of the year
A program to output fibonacci numbers 
Programs that deal with prime numbers
Convergent series
Fibonacci series or nth Fibonacci number
Check number for prime property
Computation of ln(2) using the Monte Carlo method
Odd Even Number Detector
My perfect number tester.
Quadratic Equation Solver
2nd Order DE of constant coefficients
A program to guess the user's chosen number
Next highest prime Fibonacci number calculator
A Number Guesser
First prime number greater than n
First prime number greater than n
Christmas excitement
Numeral System Converter
Higher or Lower
Even or Odd?
Determining whether a number is even or odd
Simple Memory Walker
Experimenting with if statements and printing text
My program to output and computer the next odd/even of input
Displacement of uniformly accelerated particle
A Program Where The User Guesses the Mystery Number
A program to calculate the age in months
Random Game
A program to tell the user their new favourite number
A program to divide a product by a sum, or the reciprocal.
Drinking game advise