Session 1

2*2 Matrix Addition  
A game to kill spare time  
An Attempt at Generating Some Primes  
A prime number checker  
A program that creates a list of factors  
A program to calculate squares and cubes  
A program to calculate the average of 10 numbers  
A program to calculate the factorial of a non-negative integer  
A program to calculate the factorial of a number  
A program to campare the value of two integers  
A program to decide if one number is an exact multiple of another number  
A program to find the square root of a number  
A program to output the roots of a quadratic equation  
A Program to tell you what kind of noise an animal likes  
A Simple Calculator  
A simple passcode lock  
A Sloppy Attempt at Factorising  
A test to see if you have a valid right-angled triangle  
Averaging a class' mark distribution  
BMI Calculator  
Calculating lowest common multiples  
Calculating the Area of a Triangle  
Calculation Cde  
Calculation of the mean, variance and standard deviation of a 10 value data set.  
Calculator with Validated Inputs  
Circle and Sphere properties  
Compliance and Math  
Computing sin  
Converting Decimal to Binary  
Coordinate System Converter  
Counting program  
Dating Pool Calculator  
Estimation of ln(2)  
Factorial Calculation  
Fahrenheit to Celcius converter  
Fibonacci calculator  
FIFA 13 Apology Rules Generator  
Finding Nth root  
Finding the inverse of a 2 by 2 matrix  
Find the root  
First attempt at C++  
Golf Hole Par Finder  
Guessing a Random Number  
Guess the number!!  
Guess Your Answer  
Hello World in Three Languages  
Helping a non-musical user to identify their preferred orchestral instrument  
Horse sizing  
How many prime numbers do I need?  
Identifying multiples  
Let's Get Square!  
life expectancy   
Lowest Common Multiple Finder  
Mandelbrot Cell tester  
Marital Bliss (baby name argument solver)  
Maths Motivator  
Maths Motiviator  
Monte Carlo Integration - ln(x)  
My first C++ program  
My looped HelloWorld  
My programme to solve real quadratic equations.  
My Times Table Test  
My Very Easy Intelligence Test  
Newton's Laws  
Number guessing  
Number of real roots of a quadratic  
Power through addition of 1  
Practical Session 2  
Prime Factorisation  
Prime Number?  
Prime Number Generator  
Prime number test  
Prime testing program  
Programme to generate Fibonacci sequence  
Program to Calculate the Mean of a Set of Numbers  
Program to choose  the greatest and the smallest number from among 5 numbers  
Program to convert Cartesian coordinates to Spherical polar coordinates.  
Program to convert from inches to centimeters or meters  
Program to generate Fibonacci Sequence from starting numbers of YOUR choice  
Program to sum arbitrary numbers of integers, as many times as required.  
Project Euler Problem 5  
Project Projectile  
Quadratic and Cubic equation solver  
Quadratic equation  
Quadratic equation solver  
Quadratic Equation Solver  
Quadratric Solver  
Raising consecutive numbers to powers  
Randomness and iterations  
Rattlesnake - a dice game  
Rocket Launch Countdown  
Rock, Paper, Scissors  
Root approximation  
Simple Calculator Program  
Simple Factor Tester  
Simple operations on two integers  
Simple selection and calculation  
Simple Square root finder  
Sine(x) calculator  
SI to FFF conversion and a handy tool for the marker  
Solving Real Quadratic Equations  
Star Sign Calculator  
Sum of all integers up to and including n  
Talking rubbish  
Ten Green Bottles  
Terms and Sum of a series  
The Sieve Of Erastothenes  
The sum of the first n integers  
Time Converter  
Toast checker extraordinaire  
Typing Training Game  
Vending Machine  
very simple calculator  
Xmas Countdown  
"You cannnot be series!"  

Matlab comments

I decided to write a program to produce the sum of 10 numbers. I modified this by taking the average of the 10 numbers. I kept the program fairly simple as my main aim was to conquer my fear of computer programming after hating MatLab last year. I wanted to produce a program which I'd typed from scratch and that worked without giving me hundreds of errors!

I set myself the additional goal of designing a program that could play rock, paper, scissors. Creating the program involved me learning how to use the 'Switch' command for several desired outcomes, to learn how to use the rand function to produce a random number used to determine the computers response and finally, use of strings so whole words can be used as inputs. I have never done any programming before (apart from the IA Matlab course), but wanted to try to learn a little bit of several areas in order to make programming more enjoyable. This worked, as I rather enjoyed writing this code and trying to make it work. The program could still be improved as, at present, r, p and s must be given as responses for rock, paper and scissors, whilst y and n, for yes and no. Any other response closes the program. However, I didn't have time to format this.