Talk in January 2014 comparing kinematic variables to matrix element methods at ZPW2014 Monte Carlo Simulation and 2nd Mini-Workshop on Advances in Matrix Element Methods

Talk in June 2012 on Recent ATLAS result (mostly BSM) and where they might be headed (pptx) in Stockholm (Nordita) at Tools 2012

Talk in April 2012 on "A personal view of some of the recent LHC BS results from ATLAS and CMS" (pdf) at IoP Joint HEPP and APP Meeting 2012

Talk 2009 on Spin Measurements in Supersymmetric Models at the LHC at SPIN PRAHA 2009

14th March 2008 LHC and Murphy's Law ... a window for theorists into the experimenters' world -- slides withheld but given at the HEP phenomenology joint Cavendish-DAMTP seminar series.

LHC Olympics -- Ann Arbour

BUSSTEPP Liverpool

BUSSTEPP Cambridge

11th Nov 2004 DAMPT Pheno Seminar

Taks in July 2001 on SUSY prosepcts at the LHC in EPS-01




CUPS 2013 and video.