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Social activities in Mulberry Close

As well as the general services provided the Residents' Society there are also a number of social activities to which all residents are warmly invited. The main ones are:


Annual General Meeting of the Mulberry Close Residents' Society held in Ellis House, No 70 Mulberry Close. Shareholders receive the annual accounts, a report on the past year's activities and proposals for future improvements to the Close. The Annual Maintenance Payment is set at the meeting and directors elected. Tea and biscuits are provided.


Mulberry Close summer dance organised each year by one of our residents. Features Punch and Judy and other activities for the children in the afternoon, followed by dancing to music provided by Jacob's Ladder. Residents are invited to bring tables, chairs and barbeques onto the Green. Visitors welcome.

October & November

Leaf clearing days, MCRS stamped rewards (approx value £5) for the children.


Bonfire Night. Sparklers provided for the children, soup and mulled wine available for the adults.


Carols in Ellis House.


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