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Mulberry Close Residents' Society

The Mulberry Close (Leys Road, Cambridge) Residents Society Ltd (MCRS) is a limited company established when the Close was originally built in 1962 with the purpose of maintaining the communal grounds and developing and enhancing the environment of the Close for all residents.

MCRS is a legal entity under the Companies Act 1948 and makes an annual financial return to Companies House just as any trading company would. Each owner of a Mulberry Close house owns a single £5 share in MCRS and is bound by the Society's memorandum and Articles of Association.

MCRS is run by a number of elected Directors, with responsibility for particular roles, such as share transfer, gardening, secretarial, Chair. The number of Directors varies year-on-year but is generally between 7 and 9. The Directors meet approximately once every 6 weeks to transact Close business.

Income & Expenditure

The Society's income comes from the Annual Maintenance Payment made by each shareholder and set at each year's AGM. Expenditure is mainly related to the upkeep of the grounds, trees and shrubs, footpaths and boundaries.  A small reserve is kept for unexpected costs and to fund new projects.


The Society owns the communal land in the centre of the Close, the verges on both sides of the entrance from Leys Road, and all paths behind the houses. It also owns the footpath between the Close and Milton Road (Pye Alley), and the path off Pye Alley running behind the garages.


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