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All shareholders in the Close agree, as part of their purchase of a property, to abide by a set of Rules laid out when the Close was first developed to protect and enhance the environment for al residents and to promote good relationships between neighbours. These rules also form part of any tenancy agreement made when a house is leased. Shareholders are required to ensure that their families, visitors and any tenants are aware of and respect the Rules:


Every resident shall use their best endeavours to preserve the appearance and amenities of Mulberry Close and proper consideration shall be given at all time to all residents.


At all times the fences and boundary walls on the side(s) of each property shall be maintained and kept in good order.


No wall, fence or hedge shall be placed in front of any property. Boundary hedges between houses are allowed.


No-one shall permit anything that is a nuisance or inconvenience to any other resident in the Close. This includes excessive noise and any other anti-social behaviour.


All front gardens shall be adequately maintained. A front garden can only be used for parking after adequate resurfacing and access in agreement with the Directors.


Substantial exterior decoration of any house shall be carried out only after consultation with the Directors. All such decoration shall conform to the specification laid down by the Directors. In addition,

  • rendered evelations are to remain their current colour unless otherwise agreed
  • tiled or rendered elevations are to remain in their original form
  • clear glazed window apertures are to remain their original size, with window frames white
  • building frontages are to retain their current form, without extension above or beyond the current building line
  • Aerials (including satellite dishes) are not to be located on the front of properties.


Garage forecourts and drives shall not be used for any purpose other than the garaging and maintaining of vehicles.


No vehicles shall be parked or driven on the Green.


Parking bays shall not be used for any purpose other than the parking of vehicles displaying a valid road tax licence.


Organised ball games shall not be played on the central grassed area if they cause damage to the grassed area, trees, or adjoining gardens.


Cycles shall be kept to the paths.


Children shall not climb on walls, fences, gates, banks or shrubs.


Wheelie bins should not be left on footpaths or roadways except on days of refuse collection.


Every shareholder who lets their property shall use their best endeavours to ensure that their tenants comply with these rules and shall require their tenants to execute a legally binding agreement to this effect as a term on the tenancy. Each such shareholder shall then use their best endeavours to enforce such obligation of their tenants.


All residents are asked to drive slowly and carefully when entering or leaving the Close.


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