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Rules : Personal Covenants

Living together >> Personal Covenants

The Title Deeds of each house include personal covenants in respect of Mulberry Close Residents' Society membership, a summary of which is given below:


To pay a fair and proper proportion of the expense of cleaning, maintaining and repairing sewers, gutters, cables and inspection points.


To take up one share in and become a member of Mulberry Close (Leys Road) Residents' Society Ltd.


To procure that upon sale of the property the purchaser shall enter into a covenant in the foregoing terms.


That no dwelling house shall be used for purposes other than as a private dwelling house or used for trade, business or manufacture and that no placards or name plates are allowed to be displayed.


Maintain fences and/or boundary walls marked "T" on the plan attached to the Title Deeds.


Not to block, through buildings or alterations, any neighbour's light and air.


Not to place or erect any boundary walls or fences or any other erection on any part of the land hereby transferred, which lies between the front wall of the said house or the said boundary of land hereby transferred.


To comply with all or any regulations which Mulberry Close Residents' Society Ltd may make in respect of the grounds of the Company's estate including roads, parking spaces, garage driveways and footpaths thereof and not to do or permit anything which would or might be a nuisance or inconvenience to any other person.


The Company reserves the right to modify, waive or release all or any covenants to any adjoining or neighbouring land and may form time to time alter such plotting and scheme of development in such manner as it may deem fit.


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