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Welcome to the Mulberry Close website

The Directors of the Mulberry Close Residents Society have produced and maintain this website to provide information for the casual visitor and more detailed information for its residents.

Mulberry Close is a housing development of 65 houses, in three designs, some based on Danish housing and roof lines and others on a set of contemporary London town houses. The houses are all built around an open Green, which the architect based on a village green, with the hope of encouraging the development of a small, self-contained community and providing a focus for its activities.

Now with mature trees, landscaping, a bench and the 'Millenium Stone' the Green provides a safe play area for residents' children, or informal cricket matches, or just to sit a catch up with neighbours on a summer evening. A number of social events are organised throughout the year, such as the Summer Dance in July and Bonfire Night in November.

We hope you will enjoy browsing this site. If you are thinking of moving to the Close, we're happy to hear from you.


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