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First data analysis

Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 13:27:33 +0200
From: Paul de Jong 
Subject: document on early etmiss-based susy analyses

Dear SUSY analyzers,

  In preparation for a request from the physics coordinators, we
are working on a document on how we will proceed towards analysis
of first data in the etmiss-based signatures SUSY group.
This document will also serve as a reference and as a "to do"
list for ourselves.

A first, rough and in some parts incomplete, document is
available, linked to the indico agenda page of the subgroup
meeting of April 15:

Please read and comment: your input is very welcome.

A similar document will be made for the RPV/LL subgroup.

Giacomo and Paul

Diagnostic plots for MET

Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 14:57:32 -0400
From: Kyle Cranmer 
To: m-e-t-g-r-o-u-p ,
    "hn-atlas-jet-etmiss-wg (JetEtMissWG)" 
Subject: Diagnostic plots for MET

Dear colleagues,

There has been quite a bit of attention to the phi modulations of MET in the various
samples.  We were investigating this further for the sample:
which uses ConditionsTag OFLCOND-SIM-00-00-03 (eg. has one sector of HEC off)

In the process, we found two things.  First, when projecting MET onto the directions
parallel and perpendicular Z boson, the perpendicular component has a sensitivity to energy
scale effects that is better than what we naively expected.  Furthermore, we found what may
be a new diagnostic plot for MET which allows us to make an eta-phi map of the energy scale
contributing to MET for the leading jet.   We can clearly image the effect of one sector of
the HEC being off in eta as well as phi.

If you are interested, see the brief, informal note with the findings attached to the
validation wiki page describing the effect of the HEC on MET
All the best,


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