A Collection of Links to Particle Physics on the Web

The main accelerator labs: CERN DESY SLAC Fermilab KEK

CP violation experiments with neutral kaons: NA48 KTeV CPLEAR and at the B-factories: Babar Belle

The LEP experiments: ALEPH DELPHI L3 OPAL and the rival SLD experiment at the SLC.

The Tevatron experiments: CDF D0

The HERA experiments: ZEUS H1

The LHC experiments: ATLAS CMS outreach LHCb

Everything you could possibly need to know about Neutrino Oscillations

Particle properties and general info: The Durham database The Particle Data Group Cavendish HEP Group Other UK HEP Groups

Nobel Prizes for particle physics: 2004 (Asymptotic freedom) 2002 (Neutrino oscillations) 1999 (Gauge theories) 1995 (Tau lepton, neutrinos) 1992 (Drift chamber) 1990 (Deep-inelastic scattering) 1988 (Neutrino flavour) 1984 (W,Z) 1980 (CP violation) 1979 (Electroweak SM) 1976 (Charm) 1969 (Quarks) 1968 (Resonances) 1965 (QED) 1961 (Proton form factors) 1960 (Bubble chambers) 1959 (Antiproton) 1950 (Pion) 1949 (Mesons) 1948 (Cloud chamber) 1944 (Magnetic moments) 1943 (Magnetic moments) 1939 (Cyclotron) 1936 (Positron) 1935 (Neutron) 1933 (Dirac equation) 1927 (Compton scattering)

JRB, 27-Nov-2003