Women in Science

Professor Valerie Gibson

For many years I have been committed to the advancement and retention of women in science. Here are a few of the female scientists who have inspired me along the way






A short bio of my own journey can be found here and a short video filmed for the What I See Project vimeo link

General Links

UK initiatives IoP Project Juno and Athena SWAN

University of Cambridge Equality & Diversity

CERN Diversity Office and LHCb ECGD


2015 An investigation into the impact of question structure on the performance of first year physics undergraduates at the University of Cambridge, Eur. J. Phys 36 (2015) 045014 pdf

2013 Athena SWAN Gold and IoP Juno Champion renewal application pdf

Some of my recent talks

2015 IoP Heads of Physics Juno Update and Gazing at the Future pdf

2015 IoP Juno Going for Gold pdf

2015 IoP Careers event

2015 University of Manchester & Lancaster Going for Gold pdf

2014 Athena SWAN Award Ceremony Athena SWAN and the Cavendish Laboratory pdf

Useful reports

2016 THES article about the IaP report Women for Science: Inclusion and Participation in Academies of Science pdf

2015 AIP report Global Survey of Physicists link

2014 CaSE report Improving Diversity in STEM pdf

2014 Trendence School Leavers Baromter pdf

2013 Equality Challenge Unit Unconscious bias and higher education link

2012 AIP report Women in Physics, a Tale of Limits link

1980 CERN Report on Women in Scientific Careers at CERN, Mary K Gaillard pdf