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VNC Videos

We have low-quality versions of the VNC publicity video available for download.   We hope to stream them, eventually, but for now you can get them from the FTP server and play them from your local disk. You probably want to right-click the links below to tell your browser to save a local copy.

The video is just over 8 mins long, and is encoded using RealVideo[tm]. You'll need version 5.0 or later of the RealPlayer to play them; you can get it from

wpe1.jpg (4602 bytes)
vnc-28k.rm is only 1.6Mbytes and is very low quality as it was encoded for streaming over a 28k modem. But it shouldn't take long to download!

wpe2.jpg (12254 bytes)
vnc-56k.rm is 2.8Mbytes and is slightly higher quality.

wpe3.jpg (14023 bytes)
vnc-128k.rm is just over 6M and is quite reasonable quality.

There's also vnc-300k.rm (19M) for those who are really keen and have a fast link to our site!


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