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Improving VNC performance with 'twm'

This may give some ideas for other Window managers as well, though the syntax will be different.  See the FAQ for other suggestions on speeding up a VNC session.
  • Don't make the desktop deeper than you need to.
  • disable the dithering on the title bar by using a solid bitmap.

  • In .twmrc put:

      TitleHighlight "solid"

    and put a bitmap file 'solid' on the bitmap path containing:

    #define solid_width 4
    #define solid_height 1
    static char solid_bits[] = {0x0f};

    You can set the X bitmap path - I have in my .Xresources:

  • make the scrollbar solid
  • *Scrollbar*thumb: solid
    *Scrollbar*foreground: grey
  • remove the subtle modification of the window border when it gets

  • focus. In .twmrc:


  • use click-to-focus instead of point-to-focus (does twm allow this?)

  • Then the window doesn't change when your mouse just happens to move over it.

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