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What is a mailing list and how does it work?

A mailing list is a list of email addresses of people who want to correspond about a particular subject.  If you send any message to the list, it gets sent to everybody on the list, and if you reply to any message, that goes to the whole list as well (unless you deliberately change the reply address). The VNC list is controlled by a software package called 'Majordomo' running at AT&T Laboratories Cambridge, and you can send various commands to to add yourself to, or remove yourself from, the list.  So the mailing list is a bit like a news server, but the messages get sent to you rather than you having to go and get them.  Until, of course, you say you're no longer interested.

At the time of writing, about 1500 people are subscribed to the VNC mailing list.   They have joined up because they want to keep in touch with VNC developments.   So it's a good place to ask questions like 'Has anybody got it working on this platform?' or to say 'I've found a really cool way of using VNC', but it's not a good place to ask about general problems with your PC networking!  You should find a local expert or some other forum to ask about that.

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