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MacVNC - VNC server for Macintosh


Use of the Mac server should be straightforward if you are familiar with the concepts behind VNC, and have a suitable VNC viewer running on another machine.  Read 'What is VNC?' and 'Getting Started' if you haven't already done so - they'll give you a good overview, despite being Unix and Windows-orientated. 

Note. This is a beta release. As with all VNC software, you use at your own risk!  We welcome bug fixes and comments.


To use the Macintosh VNC server, you will need:

  • A PowerPC-based machine
  • MacOS 7.1 or greater. System 7.5.3 is available as a free download from Apple.
  • Open Transport (1.1.1 or later). OT 1.1.2 can be downloaded from Apple. If you are using MacOS later than 8.0 you can use 1.3

Quick Start

  • Download the package from the Download page and expand it using a recent Stuffit Expander.
  • Double Click VNC Server Installer
  • Restart Machine
  • Open VNC Controls control panel (or select Options from the server's File menu)
  • Set password for display 0
  • Press Okay, then double click VNCServer

You should now be able to go to another machine which has a TCP/IP connection to this one, and connect using a VNC viewer.


Full documentation is now included with the package. Please refer to this for further information.


Any comments regarding this program should be directed to the VNC mailing list

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For comments, feedback, etc, please see the 'Keeping in touch' page.
Copyright 1999 - AT&T Laboratories Cambridge