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What's new in the Macintosh VNC package?

See the main VNC History page for an explanation of the version numbers. 

Want to get the latest version? Go to the Download Page.

New in Macintosh package 3.3.3beta2

Please see the documentation included in the packages for the latest details.

Changes in Server

Internal changes
Most of the changes won't be immediately noticeable as they are performance/ stability improvements. This version should be faster and better able to deal with low memory situations than its predecessor. It should also run better under MacOS 8.6
VNC Controls
The control panel has had a change of appearance and now displays useful information about the machine and the current connections.
Apple Script Installer
The extension and the control panel can now be easily installed using an installer script.

Changes in Viewer

Save the details of your connections as text files with the "Save description.." option on the File menu.
Logs and Statistics
See what your viewer is doing by choosing "Show Log" or "Show Stats", both on the File menu.
Custom Keymaps
Remap any key to any other key or sequence of keys, on a global or per connection basis, using the keymap dialog. Command+G for Global, command+K for single connection map. Also available from the File and Window menus respectively. Quickly set a default mouse mapping using "Set default preferences" from the File menu.
Control, Alt, Delete
Quickly send Ctrl-Alt-Del using the command on the Window menu.
Almost Fullscreen
Fill your screen with a connection by pressing command+F or using the Window menu.
Connection Options
Change connection options while a connection is active by pressing command+P. Use this feature to reduce bit depth or change encodings if your connection is going too slowly.
View large displays on a small screen by choosing your zoom factor from the window menu. Also available on command+6,7,8,9,0
Window Arrangement
Easily cascade or tile your windows with command+B and command+T.
Balloon Help
Find out what most buttons do by switching on balloon help. This can be done from the Help menu or by pressing any of the buttons.

Release date: 11 Jan 2000

New in Macintosh package 3.3.2beta2

Please see the documentation included in the packages for the latest details.

Changes in Server since Alpha 1.1

All preferences can now be set via a control panel - Web interface vastly improved. Settings and logs should now work. 

Changes in Viewer since Beta 1 

Better (?) mouse button emulation mechanism (see included docs) Also, both programs have undergone quite a lot of internal streamlining. 

Source code for both programs is now available. Comments, opinions, bugfixes and requests are welcomed. 

Release date: 11 June 1999

New in Macintosh package 3.3.2alpha1.1

  • See the documentation for further details.



    The server can now use the much faster hextile encoding as well as the 'raw' encoding.  This may introduce some reliability problems - if so you can disable it using the Server Status Tool.

    The server does not now run as a 'background only' application.  It no longer generates its own menu and operates more like a conventional Mac application.

    Release date: 2 October 1998



    For comments, feedback, etc, please see the 'Keeping in touch' page.
    Copyright 1999 - AT&T Laboratories Cambridge