HERWIG Version 6.4

WARNING: This page is a temporary mirror of a page at RAL.  There is no guarantee that it will remain here permanently.

The current version is HERWIG 6.400, of January 21st 2002.

Here is the source code.  Two include files are needed: HERWIG64.INC and herwig6400.inc.

Here is the documentation and release note.

Here is a simple test job that generates QCD 2->2 events at the Tevatron.

There is also a test job that shows how to read in SUSY input files and generate SUSY events at the LHC. To run it you will need the file sugra_pt2.in from the ISAWIG web page. Note that it produces a few warning messages when the decay tables are processed. This is due to the fact that both the built-in decay table and the one read in from file contain entries for top decays, and is not a problem: the duplicates are simply deleted.

Mike Seymour