The HERBVI package is a set of routines which when linked with the HERWIG Monte Carlo event generator allows the simulation of lepton and baryon number violating standard model processes at hadron supercolliders.

The physics simulated is described in Z.Phys. C66 (1995) 285-302 and the manual describes how this is implemented.

If you use HERBVI please refer to it as something along the lines of

HERBVI M. J. Gibbs and B. R. Webber, Comput.Phys.Commun. 90 (1995) 369-380


The code of HERBVI is available in the following pieces To run HERBVI you will need to link with the latest version of HERWIG.

The code is designed to work with HERWIG6.4

We have had problems running HERBVI under linux and are therefore recommending the -fno-automatic option with g77 and the relevant static option with other compilers.

The following modifications will need to be made to HERWIG.

A version of the include files with the above modifications are available HERWIG64.INC and herwig6400.inc.


This code is not actively maintained. I will check when a new version of HERWIG is released that HERBVI will run with it. However as Mark Gibbs has left physics it is unlikely there will be any other changes.
HERBVI was written by Mark Gibbs. Peter Richardson is currently responsible for maintaining the code.

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I am not aware of anyone who is actually using this package. If you are please let me know.
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